Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Round of Second Chances

This week was a blast, with some great audience participation and some hilarious contestants (we crowded 18 of you up on the stage, so thanks everyone for your deference! I am, as always, you obeisant servant, but there's only so much I can do).

The third round started out especially brutal, so we had a few second chances given, and then since the brutality never ceased, just about everybody got a couple of tries at their words. Still, the field was winnowed a bit and with a vow from me to actually do my job as judge and ding the bell when required, the spelling continued.

We had a stellar field, with the winner successfully spelling EXUVIATE (to molt) after the runner-up missed ESNE (a laborer or serf).

Next week: Champion versus Champion! $100 cash prize for the winner of the Quarterly Finals!

We have some Wild Card spots available on the stage so please come out to challenge our past winners.

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