Friday, April 20, 2007

Silly Week at the Bee

We had a light turnout this week AND the musical guest bailed on us!

But it was ok, as Alexis, who is 7 years old and utterly adorable, sang us a song (I gave her a CHAMPION t-shirt, don't tell anyone) and Jacob, who was also a speller, gave an impromptu poetry reading.

We had some fun with it, and in the end were down to three great spellers, Peter Marie (who is a regular speller and also plans to perform for us in a few weeks), Temple (who was the runner-up), and Amanda Emerson, who earned a repeat win.

The winning word was THEREMIN. After Temple missed ZEBU - which is pronounced zee-byoo and is some sort of Asian humped cow - Amanda nailed theremin.

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